Ziggy and Freddy Dance

By W. Celeste Davis Stragand
Presenting Denver

Ian Cooke, Chimney Choir, Queen, David Bowie and ballet? Just your average evening, right? Well, if you are in the company of Wonderbound and in the energy-charged city of Denver it is.

Friday, February 19, 2016, these esteemed performers wowed and entertained a packed house at the Performing Arts Complex at the Pinnacle Charter School. Rock Ballets opens with the world premiere of Sarah Tallman’s Unbroken Sky. Gold-lamé and strength in movement cover the stage. There is no need for set with this choreography. Amy Fogarty defies gravity and appears to lift weightless throughout the piece. The synchronicity, enthusiasm and compliment of original scores by Ian Cooke Band and Chimney Choir jolt you into rapid eye movement taking in each elongation, cape whip and leg jut of modern dance.

Upon a brief pause, the second piece, Love of My Life, by Garrett Ammon draws the audience in with more of a narrative and story-like quality set to the music of Queen. The influence of traditional ballet is much more apparent in this piece, originally created in 2007.

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