Wonderbound brings Bowie and Queen to the ballet

By Ian Gassman
The Denver Post

Say the word ballet and it’s hard not to think of tutu-clad dancers tiptoeing about in tightly curled shoes to the swelling strings of a classical symphony.

But if you’re Garrett Ammon, the artistic director of Denver’s Wonderbound ballet company, it isn’t a stretch to imagine those dancers rocking out to the music of David Bowie and Queen, either.

This month, Wonderbound will be hosting two weekends of Queen- and David Bowie-inspired “rock ballets” that Ammon wrote back in 2007 and 2008 when he moved to Denver from Memphis. To set the score each night, Ammon brought together a super group of seven musicians from Ian Cooke’s band and Denver folk-rock band Chimney Choir.

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