Best Bets: Catch Wonderbound’s “The Seven Deadly Sins”

The season opener for one of Denver’s most engaging cultural ensembles massages the seven deadly sins into the plot of a wedding ceremony—from the engagement to the honeymoon.

By Erica Prather
5280 Magazine

There’s a wedding in Denver, and everyone is invited to attend for the price of a ticket to Wonderbound’s latest show. Garrett Ammon, the company’s artistic director, has once again shown audiences the power of convergence in a city that is capable of creating something that’s at once quirky, accessible, and world-class—a rare treat that Denverites should squeeze into their ever-expanding array of cultural choices.

Wonderbound’s latest work, The Seven Deadly Sins, offers original, contemporary choreography performed with a primarily strings-based live accompaniment by a select handful of Colorado Symphony members. The incredible, funky, neo-classical score was written by Tom Hagerman, who plays piano, accordion, and strings for Denver-based ensemble Devotchka.

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