Denver Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Arts & Culture

Denver Arts & Venues
City and County of Denver

The mayor of Denver annually recognizes individuals and organizations that make significant and lasting contributions to the artistic, cultural and creative landscape in the City and County of Denver.

Arts Innovation Award

Wonderbound under the direction of Garrett Ammon, moved to a 1920’s post office garage on the North end of Downtown Denver in March of 2013. In a short amount of time the collaborations and projects led by Garrett have made an astounding impact on the neighborhood and on the Denver community as a whole. Garrett’s collaborative approach reimagines dance and makes it accessible to all. From opening up the garage doors during rehearsals and inviting the public into the artistic process to collaborations with musicians, poets and visual artists; Garrett believes that dance is a part of who we are as people and should be incorporated into our everyday lives.

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